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​About Us 

Faithful Companions Dog Rescue (FCDR) has been in business since 2011 and works with southern rescues to help dogs get safely placed into loving homes in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and the Northeast. Janice Berry, who owns FCDR, works closely with rescues from Tennessee, Kentucky, and Arkansas, to find good-quality “forever homes” for hundreds of dogs and puppies.

Our rescue doesn't have an actual shelter building in your area or mine. Therefore, it is not possible to meet the dogs and pups in person prior to their adoption. All of the puppy’s and dogs are located in either TN, Arkansas or KY, and will come north on a USDA transport once they are adopted.

Janice has been rescuing dogs for many years. She got interested in being a rescue by getting involved with the Cairn Terrier Rescue League where she served as a foster mother and reference coordinator.  She branched out and became a licensed broker.

Thus her journey began—helping a multitude of dogs and puppies find homes and most of them were in danger of being euthanized. 


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